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Top eye makeup mistakes to avoid

Are you fond of doing eye makeup? Eye makeup is regarded as an art of its own. You require special skills as well as a creative mind to come up with the best-ever eye makeup look for yourself. While doing eye makeup, it is recommended that you should keep your hands steady while keeping your eye makeup application as clean and defined as possible. The colors that you use for your eye makeup should be thoughtful and should go along with the ensemble that you are carrying off to an event. There are several aspects of eye makeup that you are required to consider when you wish to achieve the desired perfect look. While there are several facets of perfect...

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Top eye makeup essentials for beginners

Are you a self-proclaimed beginner when it comes to doing eye makeup? Well, there is no shame in accepting that for you can come across a myriad of online, easy-to-implement tutorials that can help you with doing eye makeup like a pro in just a few steps. However, before you dive into the endless depths of doing eye makeup all by yourself, it is high time that you should be aware of the common eye makeup essentials that you cannot do without. Dito Cosmetics brings forth an innovative range of attractive eye makeup essentials with its Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette being the latest hit that can help you achieve success in your journey of becoming a makeup pro. The cosmetic industry...

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Best eye makeup trends 2019

When it comes to doing eye makeup, there are several facets –right from applying the killer winged eyeliner to the perfect mascara application, amazing eyeshadow kits, and a spot-on eyebrow perfection! Basically, perfect eye makeup is all about defining your attractive eyes while creating a look that best complements your face as well as skin tone. There is no denying the fact that makeup trends keep changing from time to time. Every now & then, a new makeup trend comes up, and it becomes imperative to abide by the trend if you wish to garner the repute of being a fashion diva throughout. We have it seen it all on Instagram and other leading social media platforms –the perfect makeup...

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How to create correct eye makeup application?

The main element you will have to take in account first will be the eye shape. 1.First of all, you will need to determine the eye shape you are working with before beginning the makeup application.round, almond, monolid, hooded, small, protruding, downturn, upturn and deep set eyes.which is yours? 2.The eye color you are working with on your client (or on yourself) is also an important factor in choosing the right eyeshadow color. For example, for blue eyes choose oranges, reds and warm browns, for green eyes, purples, burgundy and warm browns or red colors are the ones that will make your eyes pop, for brown eyes any eyeshadow color is destined to look great! 3.If you want the eye makeup...

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Eyes are the windows to your soul. All the more reason you should brush up on your eyeshadow skills and give your lids some extra attention. However,applying eyeshadow like a pro can be tricky — what are all those different sections of a palette for? What type of brush should you use? Now, we find our ten golden rules for applying shadow like a pro and you’ll be golden, too. STEP 1: Always use primer: An eyeshadow primer creates a clean canvas for you to work with, and it acts as a barrier between your eyeshadow and the natural oils in your skin. STEP 2: Enhance your natural eye color: Choose an eyeshadow shade that will intensify your natural eye...

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