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How to create correct eye makeup application?

The main element you will have to take in account first will be the eye shape.

1.First of all, you will need to determine the eye shape you are working with before beginning the makeup application.round, almond, monolid, hooded, small, protruding, downturn, upturn and deep set eyes.which is yours?

2.The eye color you are working with on your client (or on yourself) is also an important factor in choosing the right eyeshadow color. For example, for blue eyes choose oranges, reds and warm browns, for green eyes, purples, burgundy and warm browns or red colors are the ones that will make your eyes pop, for brown eyes any eyeshadow color is destined to look great!

3.If you want the eye makeup to be perfect and professional – you will need to ‘invest’ in some great brushes. Of course you won’t need to have a ton of brushes, it will be enough to have 4-5 varying brushes to apply eye makeup.

5 kinds of brushes you must have:

1) The soft and fluffy brush is for creating shadows i.e. dimension in the crease, and for blending.

2) A slightly firm and rounded brush is for a more controlled eye shadow application and blending.

3) A flat dense brush is for applying pigmented color onto the lid.

4) A flat and sharp brush is for precise application (you can use it for highlighting your inner corner and brow bone, or for defining your lower lash line, or even for tightlining and eyeliner application.

5) Eyeliner brush, which is the primary option that can be used for tightlining and eyeliner application.

Be creative, experiment with different techniques, find what works best for you and your eye shape and color! Once you’ve perfected these techniques it will take less than 10 minutes to perfectly blend your eyeshadows and make your eyes beautifully stand out!