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Top eye makeup mistakes to avoid

Are you fond of doing eye makeup? Eye makeup is regarded as an art of its own. You require special skills as well as a creative mind to come up with the best-ever eye makeup look for yourself. While doing eye makeup, it is recommended that you should keep your hands steady while keeping your eye makeup application as clean and defined as possible. The colors that you use for your eye makeup should be thoughtful and should go along with the ensemble that you are carrying off to an event. There are several aspects of eye makeup that you are required to consider when you wish to achieve the desired perfect look.

While there are several facets of perfect eye makeup, most of us end up committing certain mistakes that can ruin the entire look. Even a simple, basic mistake to the eye makeup application can break the look that you are trying to create. Therefore, it is recommended to get on well with the basics of applying makeup on your eyes. Right from using the right eye makeup products to applying the same evenly, balancing the act tactfully, and so more –you should pay attention to the intricate details of the art of eye makeup.

There are a few slip-ons that most of us tend to make while applying eye makeup. If the eyes are regarded as the windows to our souls, don’t you think they must be appealing and perfect enough to impart the right message. Here are some of the top eye makeup mistakes that you should refrain from committing at all costs:

  • Using the Wrong Concealer for Your Dark Circles: As we age, it is quite natural to develop dark circles in the long run. However, with the hectic modern lifestyles and increasing stress levels day by day, we tend to develop dark circles from quite an early age. As it is the ultimate goal to appear presentable at all times, we keep trying several efforts to hide the dark circles from everyone around us.


Concealers for your under-eye skin can play a vital role in achieving the desired results. However, the wrong choice of the concealer for your under-eye area can be a drastic mistake that you must never make. The color of the dark circles under your eyes (purple, blue, or green) will help in determining the right choice of concealers for your makeup essential. For the green dark circles, the experts recommend using a pinkish-tint concealer. Similarly, for the dark circles with blue or purple tints, you should buy a concealer with a peachy touch. As such, the right colors will counteract each other, providing the desired fresh, natural look.


  • Curling Eyelashes After Mascara Application: Unless you are looking forward to achieving the extremely clumped eyelash look, it is suggested that you should curl the lashes before mascara application. As such, the lashes are provided the right foundation before you apply the mascara of your choice.


Depending on the overall volume of your lashes, it is recommended to purchase the right mascara as well. Dito Cosmetics –a leading online portal for high-end, long-lasting makeup products, brings forth an innovative collection of mascaras for increasing the overall volume of your eyelashes and imparting a natural look.


  • Applying Liner & Mascara Before Eyeshadow: If you have the ritual of applying the eyeshadow at the end of your makeup routine, you are only making it more difficult to allow the eyeshadow to blend properly. As such, you will not be able to achieve the desired blended look for your dramatic eyes. Instead of following the wrong ritual, it is right to use a high-grade eyeshadow in the first place and blend the same perfectly.


Only after this step, you should consider applying the eyeliner and mascara of your choice. If you are in search of the best eyeshadow palette for your attractive eyes, Dito Cosmetics brings forth a great range of the all-new Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette that features a plethora of attractive shades for your beautiful eyes.


  • Not Using the Waterproof Mascara: While a mascara helps in increasing the overall volume of your natural eyelashes, it is imperative for you to purchase the right mascara for yourself. A waterproof mascara unit is a must-have for every fashionista out there. When it comes to buying a high-grade mascara for yourself, going for the waterproof formula is the best bet out there. As such, you will be saved from the lower lashes of your eyes creating a drastic black rim under the eyes by the end of the day.

Eye makeup is vital to creating that perfect look for your entire face. While you aim at doing it properly, it is recommended to know about some of the common makeup mistakes and refrain yourself from committing the same.