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About Brand Story - DITO Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Brand Story

Who said that the sky must be blue and lakes can’t be orange?

Who said that the wind can’t be pink or clouds can’t be purple?

Who said that hair can’t be the color of the rainbow or a change of skin color can’t be beautiful?

I feel how I want to feel about my life.

I look at the world and accept what I see as my reality.

I define my colors, and my style is exclusive.

Choose your color!

Do It To Yourself!


We are DITO cosmetics, a makeup brand that lets you define your color and unique style. Launched in 2019, in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, we are passionate about bringing you cruelty-free makeup products at pocket-friendly prices.

Why use DITO?

Affordable: Who says great makeup must be expensive? We want every makeup lover to be able to own high-quality makeup.

Safe products: All our products are gluten-free, produced with vegan ingredients, and with cruelty-free practices

 Unique: We have redefined beauty; here is your chance to create your amazing style and DO IT TO YOURSELF.