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Why Does My Eyeshadow Look Bad? Troubleshooting Common Makeup Mistakes

If you’re a makeup newcomer, or even if you’ve been wearing makeup for a while, you can sometimes miss the mark when it comes to an eyeshadow look. It’s difficult to know exactly what to do and where to put each color or type of shadow, and it’s even harder to diagnose the issues when something doesn’t look right. From patchy shadows to gloopy mascara, there’s a lot that can go wrong for such a small part of your face. If you look at yourself in the mirror and notice that your eyeshadow looks bad, you need to learn how to discern what the issue is and quickly fix it. Here are some common eye makeup mistakes and how to troubleshoot them if you come across them.


Not Wearing a Primer Underneath

If you find that your eyeshadow is not staying on all day or is smearing away almost immediately after you apply it, a common culprit is forgetting to use an eyeshadow primer underneath. Make sure you use an eye primer that blanks out any veins or discoloration on your lid and also that locks in your shadows for a long-lasting glamorous look.


Wrong Shades for Your Eye Color

If your eyes just aren’t popping as you wanted, it could be that you’re using shades that are not right for your eye color. Generally, using colors that are the same as your eye color can make everything blend together and look muddy. You should opt for a complementary color to your eyes that accentuates them. For instance, brown eyes may look best in purple, while green eyes look best in browns and taupes. Experiment and ask trusted friends what they think makes your eyes pop the most.


Not Blended Enough

A very common mistake when it comes to eyeshadow is not blending your shadows enough. Having a harsh line across your lid is a major no-no that makes you look like a makeup novice even if you’ve been wearing it for years. Use circular “windshield wiper” motions across your lid to diffuse the color and blend all the shadows seamlessly.


Patchy or Skipping Color

If you find that your shadows are just not showing up on your lid, or that they look patchy or are skipping, it could be time to invest in a higher quality eyeshadow. However, this does not have to be expensive. Dito Cosmetics makes a number of eyeshadow palettes and sparkly eyelid topper single shadows called Ice Cubes that don’t break the bank but that deliver on rich, saturated pigmentation. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on luxury eyeshadows just to find something that looks even and full pigmented.


Skipping a Good Mascara

A good, non-chunky mascara is key to finishing any eyeshadow look. If you look in the mirror and things just don’t look “done,” it could be because you’ve skipped mascara, an integral ingredient in a glamourous eye look. Don’t skimp on mascara, a good one can even distract from other eyeshadow mistakes altogether.


Using Glitter That Isn’t Eye Safe

While it may be difficult to believe, some of the glitter-based eyeshadows that come in your favorite eye palettes are actually not safe for your eyes at all. Using ingredients that are not eye-safe in your eye area can result in infection, redness, dryness, and discomfort. While this may not affect your eyeshadow look, it will definitely affect the appearance of your eyeball and your overall optical health. So, make sure you read up on your favorite glitters before you apply to your eye.