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What are the different types of makeup brushes?

Makeup is highly intimidating. To top it all, makeup brushes are intriguing even more. Angled, fan, contour, stippling, and so more, there are several types of long-lasting makeup brushes that can deliver great results for your makeup look. The makeup brush that you purchase can either make or break your overall appearance.

While applying makeup requires a great deal of expertise, finding the right makeup tools and brushes is also vital for that perfect look. With a wide range of makeup brushes available online, it is essential to shop for the ones that function according to the look that you wish to create for yourself. If you are in search of the best makeup brushes for your makeup closet, Dito Cosmetics brings forth an innovative collection of the makeup brushes and tools that allows you to blend well your makeup products including foundation, eyeshadows, concealers, and so more.

Top Must-have Makeup Brushes

Makeup applicators or brushes out there are not only available in a wide range of sizes for applying different kinds of makeup styles, but they are also available in a myriad of shapes, materials, density, and lengths. If you are getting confused about the type of makeup applicator or brush you should buy for yourself, Dito Cosmetics comes forth with a wide collection of evenly brushes that allow you to deliver the perfect glowing or matte look that you desire to achieve.

For your ease, we have tailor-made a list of the best makeup brushes that you should have in your makeup closet right away. Here are some:

  • Foundation Brush: The main function of a foundation brush is to ensure the overall smooth application of the foundation such that it blends well with your skin. When you make use of a high-quality brush, it can help in creating a world of difference in the final result. At the same time, when you opt for the wrong brush, the foundation that you apply might start appearing cakey or washed over your face. To your rescue, a high-grade foundation brush or applicator can allow you to blend the makeup product evenly such that you are able to achieve a highly natural look for yourself.


  • Concealer Brush: When you wish to achieve perfect spot correction across your face, a concealer brush can be of immense help. For achieving that dazzling, flawless look on your skin, it is recommended to buy the concealer brush from a top brand that delivers the assurance of high quality along with long-lasting Dito Cosmetics is a leading provider of high-grade brushes and tools that allows you to apply makeup like a pro. As the name of the brush implies, concealer brushes are used for applying the concealer evenly throughout your skin –for making the makeup product appear as natural as possible. When you are using the concealer brush, it is recommended to never blend the same out. You should be careful with patting the concealer on your skin with the brush to achieve the desired appearance.


  • Stippling Brush: When you wish to even out the base for a creamy, silky appearance, the stippling brush can help immensely. Dito Cosmetics presents a unique collection of high-quality stippling brush for your makeup basics such that you do not have to worry about makeup application –especially when you are a beginner. While the main role of the foundation brush is to deliver the product on your skin evenly, the stippling brush can help in imparting the desired airbrushed look to your face. When you carefully analyze the stippling brush, you would find that the ends of this brush or applicator are quite silky, lightweight, and feathery in comparison to its base.


  • Angled Brush: When you are purchasing an angled brush, you can use the same for various applications. You can use the same for applying eyebrow pencils or powders and even eyeliners for your perfect eye makeup. If you are purchasing the high-end Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette from Dito Cosmetics, you can consider buying a high-quality angled brush for applying the makeup product with much ease. Angled makeup brushes are also known to help you in filling the eyebrows for achieving the desired shape of your choice. Moreover, the sharp ends of the brush make it highly convenient for you to apply the killer winged liner like a pro.


  • Blending Brush: When you are doing makeup, a blending brush is a must-have in your makeup essentials. Good quality of a blending brush can help you in softening any harsh lines that might appear after you apply eyeshadow. It becomes imperative for you to buy a blending brush from Dito Cosmetics –especially when you are buying its bestseller range of Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette. The trick to achieving the perfect eyeshadow look is that you blend it properly with the help of a high-quality blending brush.


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