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5 Reasons Why Eyeshadow is Important in Your Makeup Routine

    If you’re a makeup wearer, you’re likely already familiar with eyeshadow and the application and wear of eyeshadow. However, you may not think it’s worth the fuss to apply color cosmetics to your eyelids each day, or you may just not realize the difference that a good eyeshadow application can make in your makeup and in your overall appearance. If you’re an eyeshadow skeptic or you’re not sure what it can do for you, here are five reasons why good eyeshadow application is important.


  1. It can change the way your eye shape looks.

The way you apply your eye makeup can make your eyes look a different shape entirely. If you don’t like the way your eyes look, the way you put on your eyeshadow can create the illusion that your eyes are rounder or narrower, closer together or farther apart, or are more upturned. Pay close attention to the way your face looks when you put darker and lighter shadows in different places. You may be surprised at the level of artistry and the transformational power that eyeshadow has. If you’re unhappy with your eyeshade, eye makeup can turn that around without any kind of plastic surgery or procedure.


  1. It can make you look more awake.

The placement of your eyeshadows can also affect how awake and open you look. If you place a light or shimmery shadow in the center of your lid and in the inner corner of your eyes, you can look awake and alert even if you didn’t sleep well the night before. Investing in nice eyeshadows with a range of lighter shimmers like the Dito Cosmetics Eco Earth Shade palette will prove a much easier way to look awake than eye creams or a full eight hours of sleep each night. This can especially be a lifesaver if you work the night shift or if you have a young baby at home.


  1. It’s a valid form of self-expression.

Another key benefit of eyeshadow is that it allows you to have a certain amount of self-expression. Your eyelids can be treated like small canvases, and each look you wear is your art. There are very few truly colorful places to put makeup, and eyeshadow by far has the widest range of colors offered across brands. Wearing a colorful or sparkly look is a great way to show off your personality and your talent with makeup.


  1. Eyes are the window to the soul.

Your eyes are the window to the soul. You might as well make them look attractive. You can show off what many people say is the most beautiful part of someone with well-done eyeshadow looks. This will draw attention to your eyes and may even impact how attractive you look to others. Additionally, commanding attention to your eyes may draw attention away from other areas of your body you are self-conscious of. Don’t forget to apply plenty of mascara to make your lashes look long and luscious and to make your eyes look even more open and striking.


  1. It can make you look younger.

Wearing eyeshadow can make you look more youthful overall. Plus, good eyeshadow application or trendy eyeshadow application can show that you’re hip to what’s new in makeup and have made the effort to show that off. Plus, eyeshadow can hide veins and other discoloration on your eyelids. Try out a new trend or put some eyeliner on and you’ll be looking five to ten years younger.