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10 Eyeshadow Tricks That Will Boost Your Makeup Game


Whether you’re a novice to eye makeup or a total pro, we can all use some extra tips to help us get our makeup game up. If you want to learn some tips you may never have heard of or considered that will boost your eye makeup looks, here are ten tips that will make you look like a model.


  1. Do your eye makeup before any of your base makeup.

Doing your eye makeup before you do your base makeup is a great way to make sure that your shadow looks cleaned up and you prevent the fallout from your darker shadows ruining your foundation.


  1. Always, always curl your lashes.

Starting off with an eyelash curler can make any mascara look great. Lengthen and give your lashes curly definition by using one each time you wear makeup. Many say that having a good eyelash curler is even more important than having a nice quality mascara, but there’s power in numbers: having the two in tandem will give you a lash look that lasts.


  1. Don’t skimp on eyeshadow quality.

One of the top makeup tricks is to invest in high-quality eyeshadow that won’t fade or get patchy over time. High-quality eyeshadow doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds, though. DiTO Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes start at just $16.99 and deliver the pigment and finish of a much more costly brand.


  1. Use a cotton swab to clean up the edges of your shadow or liner.

If you struggle with eyeliner that doesn’t look crisp or straight, you can use a wet cotton swab to clean up the edges. This will make your overall eye look seem much cleaner and crisper than it did before.


  1. Smudge liner or shadow on your eyelashes to make them look fuller.

If you smudge a dark-colored shadow or a creamy liner along your lashes you can make your eyelashes look much fuller and thicker even before you apply mascara.


  1. Don’t forget about your eyebrows.

Filling in or using gel on your eyebrows to keep them looking full and shaped will complete any eyeshadow look. If you find that your eye looks always seem unfinished, making sure you do your eyebrows will make a huge difference.


  1. Take care of your brushes.

Brushes are a key way to make your eyeshadow look seamless and blended. That’s why you should always take care of them by washing and drying them regularly. This will keep the brush hair strong and ready for action.


  1. Don’t overshadow your eyeshadow with other makeup.

Don’t “overshadow” your “eyeshadow.” This means that if you’re doing a bold, bright, or dramatic look on your eyes, you should avoid wearing a bright lipstick or crazy blush. Choose just one part of your makeup to accentuate, and keep it that way so that you do not look too “done up.”


  1. Use a setting spray for maximum hold.

If your eyeshadow always fades after the day is done, you may need to spray your makeup look with a strong hold setting spray to lock your look in. As an added bonus, a good setting spray will also make the rest of your makeup last all day long.


  1. Know your eye shape and apply makeup accordingly.

Part of applying beautiful eyeshadow looks to your eyes is knowing what works for your specific eye shape. Once you know whether your eyes are wide or narrow, or deep-set, or round, it will make it easier for you to choose looks and application techniques that complement your eye shape.